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Are you struggling to get your niche site off the ground? Do you have trouble writing content? Is your site not ranking on Google? I know your pain and understand your frustration. I work on niche sites 10-15 hours ever day.

Follow along as I build my sites. My niche site case studies can help you build your site faster, rank faster and earn faster.

 My main case studies are: 

1. Amazon multi-niche site case study: Details of how I am growing my multi-niche Amazon affiliate site. This is a multiple niche, authority site which will be monetized by Amazon. Most of the posts will be buyer intent posts and will include “best” and “review” posts. My main long term focus of this site is to get Google search traffic as that is the best in terms of buyer intent and conversions.

2. Adsense authority site case study: Details of how I am growing my 1,000+ post adsense site. This is a case study of a site I started in the “Home and Garden” niche and launched it in the month of April with 1,000 posts. My main long term focus of this site is to get Google search traffic and in the short term use social sharing to get traffic, earn money and possibly increase rankings

If you are planning a niche site monetized by an Adsense or Amazon affiliate model, my case studies can help you understand how I went about it and you can reach your financial goals faster. I will also be sharing my mistakes so that you can avoid them.

About Me

Building niche sitesHi, I’m Russell Lobo, the guy behind I have 6 years experience working full time online. Since the past year, I am a full time niche site owner and have seen my income slowly rise from single digits per month to a consistent four figures per month.

Among my recent successes, I have written 1,000 posts in one month and have ranked on Page 1 for a 33,000 search volume keyword in less than two months. I took a site from $0 to $1,000 in three months.

Among my failures are 3 niche sites which didn’t work. So i have seen the good and the bad and understand your journey.

I am in the trenches like you, working on building niche sites.

I would like to share my journey with you, my successes, my failures, my experiments and the challenges I faced and how I overcame them.

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