About Russ LoboHey Guys,

I’m Russell Lobo and welcome to Russlobo.com. I am a full time online niche site owner and I manage Adsense and Amazon affiliate authority sites.

This is my personal site where I share my experiences of running these authority sites. Most of the posts on this site are case studies of my projects. I hope that these case studies will help you shorten your learning curve and attain your financial goals for your online ventures faster.

I am focusing on two types of sites i.e. Adsense sites and Amazon affiliate sites and am sharing my progress, successes, challenges and failures on this blog.

The main case studies are: 

1. Amazon multi-niche site case study: Details of how I am growing my multi-niche Amazon Affiliate site.
2. Adsense authority site case study: Details of how I am growing my 1,000+ post adsense site.

Additionally I will have case studies on:

3. Amazon EMD case study: Ranking an EMD website for a main keyword of 27,100 monthly searches
4. SEO Traffic Tips: I love Google traffic and I genuinely believe that if you build your sites with great content and natural, earned links, Google will send you traffic for years and decades. My main focus of traffic is SEO and I document the strategies I use to rank higher and rank faster.
5. Traffic case studies focused on social traffic: SEO gives the best traffic IMO, but while waiting for Google to send you some love, I’ll be sharing some of the traffic experiments which I conduct. The main platforms I will be focusing on are Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and Google+

How will this help you?

If you are planning a niche site monetized by an Adsense or Amazon affiliate model, my case studies can help you understand how I went about it and you can reach your financial goals faster. I will also be sharing my mistakes so that you can avoid them.

I am a BIG fan of SEO traffic so, how to rank faster and higher and what helps you rank faster and higher on Google will be an integral part of my case studies.

If you are looking for non-seo traffic I will be sharing the traffic strategies I use to get traffic from Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and Google+. I will also be sharing case studies when I have traffic experiments on platforms like Flipboard, Youtube and Reddit in the future.

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More about me:

I have 6 years experience heading strategy at Taurus Knight, a digital agency specializing in local SEO and social media branding with centers in London, Birmingham, New York, Auckland and Mumbai. I have worked with and on brands like Prudential, Dell, Premier Inn, Accor Hotels, Canada Tourism and  Jordan Tourism which has helped me tremendously in learning process structure and streamlining, project planning, management, and execution.

Among other sites, I have been featured as a blogging Expert on Huffington Post, American Webmasters Association, Successful Blogging and other sites.

Now I am a full time online marketer focusing on my Authority sites. I have location independence, work as per my own schedule, work only on work I enjoy, have financial independence and earn a passive income. Do subscribe below if you would like a life like this too and would like to get free monthly updates on my case studies:




If you would like to chat, do get in touch on Facebook 🙂