Increase Engagement by 560% on Facebook Groups with Polls

Increase engagement with facebook pools

Want a better and more fun way to interact with your audience on your Facebook group? – Create Polls

Does your Facebook group seem like a graveyard with very few people liking, posting or commenting? Would you like to get more traction, better engagement, and more conversions via Facebook?

To make sure that you get more interaction and engagement, you should always keep trying new styles and formats of posting on your Facebook group.

A close friend and Facebook expert and I wanted to test strategies of increasing engagement on Facebook (The higher the engagement, the more Facebook shows your post to an increased audience). I wanted to try the experiment on our Facebook group Grow your niche site with Russ Lobo but since I am an admin there, the results could have got skewed due to it. The best place I felt was our dear group Niche Hacks. So this is what we did:

1. My friend posted a question with 3 options on the group
2. I posted the same question as a poll with 3 options.

The results:

Question: 9 likes and 7 comments:

Poll: 70 poll choices, 9 likes and 16 comments:

560% more interaction on the poll over a normal post question.

So when you have a question that can be answered with a few options, make it more interesting and fun and post it as a poll

A few more observations which I made that you can use to increase Facebook engagement are:

1. Time of posting: The time you post is very crucial. Try to make sure that you post when your audience is online

2. Reply to comments: The more you reply to comments the more engaging the post appears to Facebook and the post is shown to a larger segment of the audience

3.  Images in the post: I have seen that images and videos (uploaded to Facebook and not links) get more engagement and views than a normal post

4. Don’t add links: When you add links, your impressions drop substantially and if there are multiple links in the post, it drops even more

Have you come across or experimented with other techniques to increase your Facebook engagement? Do share in the comments section below:


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