DA -18 & PA – 24 WITHOUT Any Backlinks

Monthly Update 3 of the 1,000 post blog – July 14th 2016

Check the complete list of updates on the Adsense Niche site case study. You can also check my Amazon Affiliate Niche Site case study here.

Its been two and a half months since I completed the site with 1,000 posts. Here is a quick update:

Salient Points:

  1. DA/PA of the site rose from 1/1 to 18/24 WITHOUT any backlinks.
  2.  252% increase in keywords in the Top 100 from 261 keywords last month to 658 keywords this month.
  3.  On Page 1 for 23 keywords totalling a search volume of 43,130 searches per month.
  4.  Top 20 ranks 50 keywords totalling a search volume of 165,410 searches per month

More Details:

1. Activity: Since my focus was the Amazon affiliate niche site, I didn’t touch this site at all. There are a lot of things that I need to do like adding more content, interlinking pages and link building but that is work for future months. The social shares by my social media manager are going on and my total income from the site has entered into four figures and my monthly traffic has crossed 40,000 page views. Since the shares bring me traffic and social signals and I earn more from the traffic than her salary, its a win-win. I am not counting it as income for this case study as the traffic is majorly social and trickles down when I stop the social promotion.

2. Site strength: This is something that has made me very happy. Without any link building, the site now has a DA of 18 and a PA of 24. The 201 links in the screen below are interlinks within the site. This proves that the number of pages is a very important parameter in the strength of a site.

increase in da/pa without backlinks

3. Google Ranking: As per Google Webmaster, I now rank for 658 (from 261 keywords last month) which is a HUGE jump of 252% increase in keywords in the Top 100 serps. As you can see below, I am on Page 1 for 23 keywords totalling a search volume of 43,130 searches. I am in the Top 20 ranks for 165,410 searches so there is very good potential for ranking higher over the next few months.  The SERP rankings have been fluctuating a LOT but I guess it should settle down after the sandbox period. having said that, since the trend is upward I have no complaints.


I used the free “keywords everywhere” Google chrome extension to get an overlay of number of keywords on the Google webmaster screenshot images.

The site is now indexed for 914 posts. I am allowing Google to slowly crawl and index it without my interference.


Plan for the next month:

Since I will be focusing on the Amazon affiliate site, I won’t be working on this site for the rest of the month.

The social media shares will continue and I hope to achieve the target of 80,000 by October which I had mentioned last month.

You can check the progress made in May here and in July here.

Do let me know if you have any suggestions you would like me to experiment with on this site in the comments below.

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