The Ideal Length Of A Blog Post

Ideal blog post length

Many people ask me what is the best word count for blog posts.

My Take on the best word count for a blog post:  Size does matter but at the end of the day what matters most is the value you provide. So don’t worry about length, rather focus on value.

Other than that from my experience of having over 1,000 blog posts across sites:

1. If you are starting out/ have a new blog: Write 500-800 word articles.

Focus this way: 1 pillar post targeting 1,000-5,000 search keywords, then 5 long tail posts targeting 100-500 search keywords.

Once you start ranking, add another 200-500 words and you will see a jump in positions.

This is very important as, as a new site you won’t get much traffic and that 10-20 visits a day and a few sales will help boost your morale.

2. If you have good networking skills and connections and have the ability to get backlinks via outreach: Go for 1,000-2,500 word posts.

These are the ones which seem well researched so people link back to it more easily.

Hope it helps.


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