KGR Keyword Packs

25 KGR Keywords

You get 25 buyer and info intent keywords of less than 0.25 ratio. This means the number of articles targeting the keyword is low.

Rank without links

The best aspect of KGR keywords is that you can rank on Page 1 without backlinks. Since the competition is low, it is easy to rank.

authenticated keyword strategy

Doug Cunnington's Keyword Golden Ratio is a proved method to identify easy to rank keywords

No worries of Google penalties

Since you don't need links to rank using this strategy, you don't have to worry about Google penalties related to link building.

Choose the perfect plan


Per 25 keywords

  • All KGR Keywords
  • Buyer & Info Intent Keywords
  • Number of articles targeting the keyword less than 63


Per 25 keywords

  • All KGR Keywords
  • Buyer Intent Keywords
  • Number of articles targeting the keyword less than 63

Frequently asked questions

The Keyword Golden Ratio or KGR is a mathematical way of identifying keywords that are easy to rank. This strategy has been invented by Doug Cunnington. It essentially targets low-competition keywords which allow you to rank on Google within weeks and with no link building.

Since the compeition is low, you rank fast and more importantly without links. This helps you to earn money fast especially on a new website.

We suggest that you use the KGR keyword articles as support articles. So if you have a “Best Blue Widget” article, have 5-10 supporting and related KGR keyword articles that will give the main article topical relevance. You kill two birds with one stone with this strategy. You get immediate traffic and your main article gets topical relevance support. 

Yes, we provide high-quality, unique, SEO-optimized articles which can use the KGR keywords. You can check the details of our article writing service here

We will send across the keyword pack within one week.

The $49 pack includes buyer intent and info keywords. For example for a product say iPhone X, iPhone X review and iPhone X price are buyer intent keywords. iPhone X manual is an info keyword i.e. they have bought and are interested in using it. The $49/- plan has about 50% buyer intent keywords
The $99 pack has 100% buyer intent keywords. 

Our clients say

I used the KGR pack to boost traffic and ranking to my website. I was very happy with the result and the keywords provided. I will definitely use the service in the future.
Nikita B
Travel Education Niche
"I bought a KGR keyword pack from Russell and his team and they also provided the articles for it. I ranked in the Top 20 for 22 of the 25 keywords within one month.
Deepak Sharma
Furniture Review Website Owner