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One of the main reasons why I decided start this site to document my niche site building journey was to help, inspire and support other niche site builders. I am happy to say that I see so many of my online friends taking action and building their sites.

The success story closest to my heart is of my dear friend, Clare Groom. I met Clare on the Niche Hacks group about a year ago and over the past year, we both have been helping each other with advice and support for our niche sites.

She posted the progress of her niche site on our Facebook group and I felt it is an excellent case study series for this site. So with her permission, I shared her post below:


July 21st, 2016:

Inspired by Russell’s posts in other groups, I implemented the following strategy for my latest website:

1. Write the static pages and around 20-25,000 words of blog posts just focusing on doing the writing. DONE.

2. With the content already created, make the website. I’m not very tech-y and making pretty-looking sites takes ages for me. So I have been spending the past few days on the website design: headers, navigation, layout etc. IN PROGRESS.

3. Add the content to the website. This involves looking for relevant pretty pictures to put in my articles, final edits of the content drafts. Seeing how the featured images work etc. IN PROGRESS.

I should say that it’s long-term plan is to be an authority site in a niche of “outdoor pursuits”. I’m not going to say what, and I’m not going to reveal the URL. So please don’t ask

I will have Amazon links, but not yet. Until the site ranks and I’ve got some traffic, I won’t add any affiliate links. Some of my posts are about outdoor gear, not in-depth reviews, more the : “this is what you need if you are sleeping on this beach at this time of the year”.

Because everything takes me so long to do: figuring out how to put a header image with a title in it took about 8 hours (yes, I really am an idiot!), I split the initial tasks. With the initial content already prepared, I can take my time to put it on the site and make it look good for a user (Google won’t be buying anything from me).

Next Step: Once the “backbone” of the site is in place, I plan to split my time between link-building and more content creation.

I have taken some inspiration (once again, thanks Russell Lobo) from the creation of this group. Russell is an active, friendly and important contributor to other groups. He engages with people, he discusses, he gives value. He then started his group, and people were happy to follow him here.

So – this can work in ANY niche. Go find the groups where my potential customers hang out, and engage, give value, don’t just shove your review website down their throats. Of course, this means we need to be interested in our niche. To have something to say about it. To give more than we take.

My strategy is to make a big website filled with mostly informational content. Then encourage people to purchase their kit from my links. Who knows. It may be a total failure money-wise. But you know what – I will learn a huge amount in the process:

1. The discipline of content creation: it IS a discipline. It can be time-consuming, it can be difficult, it can be just boring. If you can’t write, make a video. But without content, there is no “internet business”.

2. The nuts-and-bolts of setting up a website. In the past 4 days I’ve figured out how to add some basic html code to my posts. Doesn’t sound like much? It isn’t. But I didn’t know how to do it before.

3. Interlinking my own posts. Doesn’t sound like much. But trying to see it from the point of view of the user. How does one post link to another? Why should they WANT to go and see the next post? At first I was scattering links in a very unformed manner around my post – now I realize I need to make it more structured, so that the USER knows what to do.

4. Link Building: PENDING. I have no idea how to do link building. I know it’s not “Dear Person, Eh? Wanna give me a link?”. That’s about all I know. I’ll update when I find something else out.

5. More content creation. Find out what my traffic wants and is interested in. And create that content.

I’ve been through a few of the IM courses out there. How to get traffic, blah blah. There are some very valuable courses available, both paid and unpaid. Ultimately though, looking for the “magic bullet” so that you can soar to internet riches doesn’t exist.

Just as in real life, business is business. Some succeed, some fail. From my experience in offline business, I know I don’t know much about marketing. So I am reading books on marketing. Not the latest book from the latest “guru”, but the very principles behind marketing.

Ultimately, I’d love for my site to be a Cash-Cow. Don’t we all want a nice money-pump? Yup. But there are really no quick ways to money-pumping. (Actually, there are. But they are mostly not very legal. Head over to the dark web for quick money and the possibility of a bullet in the head).

If you’ve read this far: Get Back To Work. I certainly should


July 28th, 2016:
Quick update following on from my last post:The content I wrote for my new website (around 30,000) words is now ALMOST on my website 🙂 Being a technological idiot, it does take me a long time to finalize the images and have the posts the way I want them.Because I’m talking about outdoor “gear”, but do not have an affiliate account yet, I’ve used images from Amazon and linked those images back to Amazon to the product page. Obviously if anyone clicks, I won’t get commission. But it’s a way of being able to show images of things I’m recommending. I’ll add the affiliate links when I’ve got a bit of traction.I should have the initial posts ready by the end of today. Then my strategy is as follows:
1. Outreach/link building. No idea how to do this. But I’ll have to learn.
2. More content. My goal is to post 3 times a week with 1500 word posts. Or more often with smaller posts.
3. Reviews: start reviewing some of the gear I’m recommending. At the moment there is no real sales push – it’s informational only.Must get back to work now!


Clare Groom has a background in Finance and currently has niche sitetemporary text – I should have the health and outdoor niche. She loves travelling and researching online marketing strategies.She believes in quality over quantity which can be seen in the posts on her niche sites. She is a very active member in our Facebook Group and a dear friend of mine.

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