The Number 1 BEST Tip For Your IM Journey

The Number 1 BEST Tip For Your IM Journey

Get an online work buddy who gets what you do.

In the IM world, unlike the normal world, more often than not it gets lonely. Our parents won’t understand what we do, our spouses/significant others don’t understand. They can’t motivate and often demotivate as anything new and untried is scary.

We don’t have any schedules and it’s supposed to be a side gig so we work in fits and starts. We don’t make a plan and even if we do, we don’t share it with someone so the accountability is less.

When I started my niche site building journey, I shared my updates on the Niche Hacks Group. That kept me accountable. As time went by, I made good friends whom I can trust with sharing my sites and whom I can share my progress/fears/challenges with literally DAILY these days. This helped TREMENDOUSLY in achieving my goals.

You don’t need a mentor, mentors are too busy. You need a work buddy. Someone you can trust, someone you can share with, someone who keeps you accountable, monthly, weekly, daily.

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