One Page Website Case Study

One Page Site: Page 1 of Google within 3 months

One Page website casestudy

Sometimes you come across an easy keyword which has a LOT of searches and not much competition. This keyword may not have a lot of supporting or long tail keywords so you wonder if it would make sense to try to rank for the keyword or to set up a site for that keyword. Most of the time, you would give up as it would be too much effort for just one keyword.

But what if I tell you that you can rank on Page 1 of Google for a 1 page website? What if you can just make one page, write excellent content and get a few link to it and rank on Page 1 of Google?

This is what I did. I ranked on Page 1 (Now 2nd position on Google), with just one page of content within 3 months.

Would you like to read how I did it? Lets get started:

I came acros a juicy keyword with 27,100 monthly searches on Google in the dating niche. Though the dating niche is very competitive, to my surprise, this one seemed easy. It had a Keyword Difficult as per Ahrefs of just 4 and 2 of the top 3 sites have only 3 backlinks each as you can see below:


Since it wa just 1 keyword without many long tail keywords, I didn’t feel that it justified having a complete website for it. So I decided to create a One Page website and see if I can rank it.

In the world of Authority sites, Niche sites and micro niches sites, I decided to go one step lower and just make one page on a domain and rank it.

1. Easy to set up and write: I completed the set up and a 1,000+ word post within 3 hours
2. Link Building: Since most links you get are to the main domain, All the links to this website will concentrate on the main page.

1. Difficult to rank a non authority site: As per conventional wisdom today, it is difficult to rank a non authority site and a one page site will definately not be considered an authority site.
2. Low income: As a one page site targeting only search traffic, my limit for the site will be low.

Revenue Potential:
1. The keyword I chose has a 27,000 USA monthly search volume
2. Long Tail keywords would be another 25,000 USA monthly search volume
3. So total potential searches: ~50,000 USA ms
4. Traffic if I am in Top 3 positions: ~30%= 15,000 visitors
5. If I launch an ebook on the topic, for $9.99 (The CPC for the keywords is $2.75) then at 1% traffic to sales ratio, I can make: $1498/- per month.
6. If I monetize by lead sales, and get a 1% traffic to lead ratio and i sell leads at ~$12 per lead (5x the adwords CPC is normal), I make $1,800 per month
7. If i do both of the above and they dont cannibalize each other, I make = $1498+$1800= $3,298 per month passive.

My Target was:
1. Rank the site on Page 1 within 6 months
2. Invest less than 100 hours on the site to make it rank
3. Invest less than $100 on the site (out of my pocket. I may reinvest income I earn from it)


A. Keyword Research: 5 hours

B. Site setup: 3 hours
1. I bought a domain name (EMD)
2. Set up the site (Godaddy shared hosting).
3. Researched and wrote 1,000+ word article
4. Added yoast and wp super cache plugins
5. Used pondertheme (free) as its super light and even on a shared server my site loads in 446 ms i.e. 97% faster than other sites.
6. Did proper onpage seo

C. Registered on Google console, Bing webmaster (Yahoo & Bing) and Yandex: 0.5 hours

D. Set up 11 social profiles: 1.5 hours

List of social profiles are below:
Google Plus

Money spent:
1. Domain 2 years: $15
2. Hosting: Free (on a shared server I have)
3. Theme/Plugins: Free

Total time spent: 10 hours
Total Money spent: $15

Within 15 days of setting up the website, my site was ranking at 134th position on Google for my targeted keyword.

Activity – Phase II

My activity during those 15 days was:

1. 10 Blog comments on relevant niches
2. Registered on 5 europe directories since its an european term.
3. Collected data (email ids, websites) for outreach – 100 websites

Time taken: 3 hours
Money spent: 0

Activity – Phase III

After 3 months literally to the date, the site was on Page 1 (10th position).


My activity in that 2.5 months was:

1. Created 2 web 2.0 properties
2. Added 250 more words to the page
3. 27 outreach emails. 4 Linked to my website
4. Sent reminder emails. Got 1 new link
5. Added 1700 words
6. Sent 100 new outreach emails. I didnt get new links but rank rose to 12th position. I assume its due to traffic to the site due to the 100 emails.
7. 100 blog comments: No change in ranking.
8. Shared images from the site on Pinterest and got 500 repins to the site (I am pretty active on Pinterest so was easy. Got a decent amount of traffic too)

Time taken: ~15 hours
Money spent: 0

Total Time spent on the project to rank: 28 hours

Total Money Spent: $15

1. You can beat sandbox and rank on Page 1 within the supposed six month period.
2. You can rank a site even if it just one page.


Words on the Page: 1,000+250+1,700=2,950 words
Root domains linking to the site as per Google Console:
Outreach links: 5 links
Comment Links: 9 links
Directory links: 5 links
Social links: 3 links (YT, G+, pinterest)
web 2.0: 2 links
other links: 2 links (earned)

And the current position: Position 2 on Google for the keyword for over a year.



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