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So as many of you may know, I started a niche adsense site and an Amazon review site. By September my finance lead gen site which i started in Nov 2015 started giving me good returns so I left everything aside to focus only on it.

I had promised myself that I wont get distracted. As many on this group and across the IM world, I too suffer from Shiny Object Syndrome.

But being human, I needed a distraction, so when a juicy keyword came to my notice, I couldn’t resist. KD of ahref is 4, 2 of the top 3 sites have only 3 backlinks each (screenshot in comments)

My problem:
1. Time: As many here, I dont have the time to work on a new site. Heck, i dont have time to work on my existing sites.
2. Micro-managing: I can delegate/outsource the work but I am a micro manager and I know that I would redo everything anyway.

So I decided to do something simple.

A ONE PAGE site. In the world of Authority sites, Niche sites and micro niches sites, I decided to go one step lower and just make one page on a domain and rank it.

1. Easy to set up and write: I completed the set up and a 1,000+ word post within 3 hours
2. Link Building: Since most links you get are to the main domain, All the links to this website will concentrate on the main page.

1. Difficult to rank a non authority site: As per conventional wisdom today, it is difficult to rank a non authority site and a one page site will definately not be considered an authority site.
2. Low income: As a one page site targeting only search traffic, my limit for the site will be low.

Revenue Potential:
1. The keyword I chose has a 27,000 USA monthly search volume
2. Long Tail keywords would be another 25,000 USA monthly search volume
3. So total potential searches: ~50,000 USA ms
4. Traffic if I am in Top 3 positions: ~30%= 15,000 visitors
5. If I launch an ebook on the topic, for $9.99 (The CPC for the keywords is $2.75) then at 1% traffic to sales ratio, I can make: $1498/- per month.
6. If I monetize by lead sales, and get a 1% traffic to lead ratio and i sell leads at ~$12 per lead (5x the adwords CPC is normal), I make $1,800 per month
7. If i do both of the above and they dont cannibalize each other, I make = $1498+$1800= $3,298 per month passive.

My Target:
1. Rank the site on Page 1 within 6 months
2. Invest less than 100 hours on the site to make it rank
3. Invest less than $100 on the site (out of my pocket. I may reinvest income I earn from it)

Why am i sharing this here?
1. Many on this group dont want to be bloggers or full time niche site owners. They just want a simple, easy, passive, side income site which is easy to set up and isnt much work. This is perfect for them.
2. I want to prove (like many have) that sandbox doesnt exist
3. I want to be accountable

So my activity so far:

A. Keyword Research: 5 hours

B. Site setup:
1. I bought a domain name (EMD)
2. Set up the site (Godaddy shared hosting).
3. Researched and wrote 1,000+ word article
4. Added yoast and wp super cache plugins
5. Used pondertheme (free) as its super light and even on a shared server my site loads in 446 ms i.e. 97% faster than other sites.
6. Did proper onpage seo
Time spent: 3 hours

C. Registered on Google console, Bing webmaster (yahoo & bing) and Yandex: 0.5 hours

D. Set up 11 social profiles: 1.5 hours

List of social profiles are below:
Google Plus

Money spent:
1. Domain 2 years: $15
2. Hosting: Free (on a shared server I have)
3. Theme/Plugins: Free

Total time spent: 10 hours
Total Money spent: $15

You can read the updates below:

Update 1

Update 2

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