One Page Website – Update 1


A quick update on the 1 page website progress. Its been 15 days (Half a month) that the site is live.

Activity in the 15 days:
1. 10 Blog comments on relevant niches
2. Registered on 5 europe directories since its an european term.
4. Collected data (email ids, websites) for outreach – 100 websites

Time taken: 3 hours
Money spent: 0

Total Time on the project: 13 hours
Total money spent on the project: $15


Ranking on Google in 2 weeks
1. I am ranking at 134th position for my main 27,000 search keyword
2. I am ranking at 52nd position for a 110,000 search keyword accidently. I wont be focusing on it since its not related to the site’s content but its a nice keyword to add to my list of easy keywords to rank
3. 10 long tail keywords in Top 50 ranks

Activity for the next 30 days:
1. Outreach to the 100 websites I researched to get backlinks
2. Set up web 2.0 properties for dofollow backlinks
3. Strengthen the social profiles of the site especially FB, Twitter, Pinterest and Instagram (I will use the free version of Buffer to schedule weekly posts)

You can check the progress here.

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